Feign, follow, 
Lonely to behold, 
In monochrome, 
Jaded, and crossed all over, 
I'm tearing holes, 
Only to befall. 

My fever veiled, 
I should have nailed the burdens here, 
I thought of you lover, 
it took me home: 
It's far faring, 
Am I in this, for the haul? 

I'm reeling; 
Hard trippin' arcs, 
And foreign marks, 
'Just take it.' 
'I've been running with it.' 
Yeah, here we are, 
It's right where we left off. 

So play the speakers, 
Hanging where their egos holed up, 
And they talk to the walls, 
Tear me down: it's enough, 
I am not going to change you further, 
Rave to me brother.


Autumn nights, 
Stocking smokes and wine, 
In the Brussels lights, 
All the way back home, 
Crossing roads, 
Park shortcuts and deep wood snow, 
We were wearing hopes, 

All these worlds, 
Forming and falling apart, 
Hold my head up high, 
Its early now. 

Skylines high and wide, 
To the nothern side, 
All the way back out, 
Tramming roads, 
Halfway hopes and colour codes , 
Seasons twenty-fold, 

All these worlds, 
Forming and falling apart, 
Hold my breath, I'm high, 
It's clearing out. 

All these worlds, 
Forming and falling apart, 
It's all my memory's eye, 
I'm weary now.


Here we are out on the line, 
It's been a long way from the start, 
Have we serviced / satisfied, 
Are we noosed in borrowed time, 
Pause, I've caught on, 
And home is far flung. 

Wearing down on half the time, 
Riding round routines i've bound, 
My habits have the harder hold, hard hauling, 
And im a witness to mold, 
Paused, I'm undone, 
Home, is hard earned. 

Foreign family soil. 
All to break our fall. 

Now I'm turned, I'm at the bar, 
With a pot glass of dark before my cards, 
There are forks before the road, and I'm stalling, 
But I'm one sip from a call, 
Forces overloading, 
And home, we'll carve it. 

For your family soil 
All to break our fall.